Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. However, if you need additional information do not hesitate to Contact Us

Will contacting you or enrolling in the program obligate me to use the NextMoveRelo program?

NO – NextMoveRelo is a benefit offered by your employer or association as a service and benefit to you for your personal real estate transactions.

I am already working with a Real Estate Agent. Am I eligible to receive the rebate benefit?

NO – In order to receive benefits you must enroll with NextMoveRelo prior to engaging a real estate agent.

Is NextMoveRelo available nationwide?

Yes, however, some US states limit or do not allow rebating practices. For a complete list of non-rebate states, please click here.

Can I buy investment property through the program?


Can I buy or sell more than one property at the same time through the program?


How many times can I use the program?

There is no limit for how many times you may use NextMoveRelo, as long as you continue to be eligible.